Our targets

How we measure success:

Achieve zero injuries for employees and contractors
Improve the lives of 100 million people in our communities
Achieve 30% overall representation of women and 50% women in salaried positions
Implement regional diversity plans, including 30% minority representation in U.S. salaried positions
IP fights against period poverty

Fighting Period Poverty

By the end of 2023, IP will host 50 Period Care kit packing events, and together with Always®, will provide more than 25,000 Period Care kits to people across the world.

Our approach

We recognize that stewardship is as much about People as it is about Planet, and we believe that investments in our people and communities are investments in our success.

Our approach to employee well-being begins with safety. Above all else, it is our highest responsibility. We are committed to achieving zero injuries for employees and contractors. Our safety target is non-negotiable and is a shared responsibility: We look out for each other to ensure everyone returns home safely every day.

Our community engagement and giving strategy mobilizes our people, products and resources to address critical needs in the communities where our employees live and work. We can improve our communities by improving the lives of the people in our communities. We implement initiatives to address our signature causes — education, hunger, health and wellness, and disaster relief — through a combination of locally driven support, grant funding and national and global collaborations. 

Our diversity and inclusion framework—Workforce, Workplace, Marketplace—embraces diversity within our workforce and across our supply chain. Our comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy drives our efforts to develop our employees’ capabilities, ensure diverse talent pools, improve retention and increase engagement. Paired with our training and development programs, we aim to create a culture where all individuals are valued, engaged and contributing to our success.



We have the courage to care


2022 Impact

We’re on a journey to build a resilient safety culture based on human and organizational performance principles. The "LIFE" (Life-changing Injury and Fatality Elimination) initiative is focused on eliminating serious life-changing injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

  • Employee fatalities: 0
  • Other employee LIFE injuries: 19

  • Contractor fatalities: 1

  • Other contractor LIFE injuries: 2

Strategic collaborations

We recognize the importance of strategic collaboration to make meaningful progress across our value chain.

  • American Red Cross

    International Paper is a national Annual Disaster Giving Program member for the American Red Cross. This commitment builds upon International Paper’s long-time support of American Red Cross disaster relief programs and helps more than 100 communities across the country. 

  • Arbor Day Foundation

    We joined forces with the Arbor Day Foundation to strengthen the resilience of communities through the Community Tree Recovery Program – a public and private partnership that distributes free trees to residents in communities affected by natural disaster. Through the program, we also support the restoration of forestland impacted by natural disasters. As one of 17 founding members of the Arbor Day Foundation’s Evergreen Alliance, International Paper champions initiatives that leverage trees as a simple, natural climate solution, improving community resilience and preserving clean air and water, healthy food and a livable climate.

  • Celebrate Planet Earth

     International Paper works in cooperation with Celebrate Planet Earth to distribute butterfly kits and sunflower kits to classrooms around the country. The kits provide caterpillars, butterfly houses, sunflower seed packets, take-home activities and a teacher’s guide with complete instructions for kindergarten through third-grade classrooms. 

  • Champions for Literacy

    International Paper and Champions for Literacy are working together to support the Fight for Literacy Games initiative benefiting schoolchildren from kindergarten to 3rd grade. The Fight for Literacy Games empower NCAA basketball coaches, their teams and fans to participate in literacy awareness efforts, volunteer work and fundraising activities.

  • Feeding America

    International Paper works with Feeding America, the United States largest domestic hunger-relief organization, to help feed America’s hungry and to support its national disaster relief efforts. We mobilize our people, products and resources to help “Box out Hunger.”

  • The Global FoodBanking Network

    International Paper partners with The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) to expand child and family-focused programming to feed food-insecure families in Canada, Chile, France, Italy, Mexico, Poland and Spain. 

  • Reading is Fundamental

    International Paper supports Reading is Fundamental through their Books for Ownership program, which gives age-appropriate books to first-graders in school districts where our employees live and work, so they can begin building their own home libraries.

  • United Way

    International Paper annually conducts more than 80 local United Way campaigns in the U.S. and Canada, enabling employees to donate to their communities in a meaningful way. International Paper matches employee donations by 60 cents on the dollar. In addition to financial pledges, employee volunteers participate in a variety of United Way Days of Caring projects.