International Paper | An Introduction to Closed Loop Circularity

International Paper is a closed-loop sustainability partner. What does that mean?

Well, part of it is recycling... We know the real value of your recycling. We know because we do a lot more than just pick it up and take it away. That's just one part of the continuous lifecycle of your recycled materials. It's called closed-loop circularity.

That means that there’s an entire recycling ecosystem up and running that transforms your recycling back into the boxes you need and use for your business. 

Your recycling plays an important part in what we make, and how we make it. We take what you have used and process it. Then we put that recycled fiber, along with new fiber from sustainably managed forests, back into our mill system. We turn it into paper stock and other new paper-based products like the boxes you use every day.

International Paper is a major driver of value at every step in this lifecycle. We are one of the world's largest consumers of fiber-based recycled material. 7 million tons of recovered fiber is collected, reprocessed, reused or sold by International Paper each year. We put recovered fiber to work. We also manage its distribution, so that our plants and mills and those of others have the recycled materials they need to keep working smoothly.

We are experts at every stage of the fiber value chain, while keeping the cycle of materials flowing. That's why International Paper is the partner of choice for your recycling program.

We are Sustainability in Motion®.