International Paper teaches water stewardship to the next generation

Last revised: September 21, 2023
Water is Wonderful

Water is essential. Two-thirds of our planet is covered with water, yet only a small percentage is usable, so we must act to protect this valuable resource. At International Paper, water is a critical part of our manufacturing process, and we’re committed to playing a key role in conserving and protecting our local water resources. 

Did you know 88% of water used in our mill manufacturing process in 2022 was treated and returned to the environment? We’ve made great strides in water conservation, but we still have work to do in order to meet our Vision 2030 goal to reduce water usage by 25% across our mill system. 

We're passing on our care of water to the next generation. IP is partnering with local schools in our communities to educate 1st through 3rd grade students on what it means to be a good steward of the water we have through IP’s "Water is Wonderful" curriculum. From the scarcity of clean, fresh water, to how IP uses water in our paper making process, students will learn about the role we all play in water stewardship.

We initiated a process in 2022 to re-evaluate and improve our water stewardship governance and processes because of some challenges due in part to lower production, resulting from several factors including COVID-19-related supply chain disruptions. Our planned water stewardship activities from 2023 forward are more closely aligned with our manufacturing objectives. Our intention is that our renewed approach will optimize integration of water reduction within our operations and ensure that our water stewardship efforts are more effective and impactful.  

By taking actionable steps, we are confident that we can achieve our water stewardship goals and contribute to a more sustainable future, and we’re proud to be teaching the next generation about this invaluable natural resource. Click here to learn more about our Sustainable Operations Goal and water target.