International Paper and the Arbor Day Foundation Partner Together to Plant Breaths of Fresh Air

Last revised: May 20, 2024
Eric Lentz

Communications Intern

Beaverton, Oregon, a Pacific Northwest city nestled between the Oregon coastline, Willamette Valley and Portland metropolitan area, has dealt with its fair share of troubles shared by the region. Severe ice storms, wildfires, effects of climate change and the growing pains of development have threatened the wooded natural beauty that this Oregon community has found long-lasting generational comfort in.

Trees and forests are a proven solution to addressing some of the most pressing issues facing people and our planet. Through our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, International Paper supports communities like Beaverton all around the world, in more ways than one, by simply planting trees.

“As the weather becomes warmer and drier in Beaverton, trees help cool homes, streets, streams and sidewalks,” said Krystle Morgan, HR Manager, Portland Box Plant

That can lower energy rates for people in our community, provide more natural habitats for native wildlife and support the management of excessive storm water.

As we recognize Arbor Day on Friday, April 26, IP is honored to have a partnership with the Foundation to ensure families in areas affected by natural disasters can rebuild the natural beauty and enjoy the many benefits of urban forestry through tree distribution and replanting efforts.

Tree-gonometry – The math adds up for the environment

Did you know one single large tree can absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year, transforming it into a day's worth of oxygen for up to four people1

Thanks to the hands-on efforts of the Foundation’s global network of planting partners, International Paper and the Arbor Day Foundation together planted and distributed 169,705 trees in 2023 across 13 projects. Since 2019, more than 568,000 trees have been planted and distributed to restore 1,143 acres of forests and communities around the world.

And all these tree plantings result in real benefits for the communities and ecosystems where we plant them.  

International Paper employee wearing a "Proud to be IP" shirt while supporting a community engagement event for the Arbor Day Foundation

Across all of IP’s 2023 projects, the Foundation estimates that more than 16.7 million gallons of water runoff will be avoided over the next 40 years, helping to increase the quality and quantity of waterways. In terms of better air quality, these efforts will also sequester a projected 95,591 metric tons of carbon dioxide over that same period of time. 

For perspective, those are the equivalent numbers for enough water for more than 200,000 people for one day and over 20,000 fewer cars on the road throughout an entire year, turning into enough oxygen for more than 675,000 people for one day2.

Endless Possibili-trees

IP’s commitment to sustainability reaches far beyond environmental stewardship — we are an engaged member of the communities in which we operate. Alongside the Foundation, we are proud of the lasting change that will benefit people and the planet for years to come by addressing the issues that matter.  

For IP, trees are more than just a part of the working forests we rely on to make the products people depend on every day. And, neighborhood trees are the lifeblood of healthy and resilient communities. They are landmarks that guide members of a community, become a source of joy with just a rope and tire to swing through the air and a strong sign of stability for generations to come.

International Paper’s support of the Arbor Day Foundation is just one effort within our signature giving causes that is helping us achieve our comprehensive Vision 2030 sustainability goals.   

1- Provided by the Arbor Day Foundation, here.

2- Environmental benefits projected over 40 years and reported by the Arbor Day Foundation, configured using USDA Forest Service i-Tree Tools.