From Intern to Financial Analyst

May 29, 2024
Dani Ryalls
Dani Ryalls

Talent Acquisition


International Paper interns, co-ops and early career employees play a critical role in our success, bringing a variety of skills, backgrounds and valuable insights to IP. Devin Rose is one such employee who started his IP journey as an intern in our talent development program for finance professionals.

Intended for college recruits and new hires with five or fewer years of experience, FORUM, IP’s finance talent development program, focuses on building leadership and development skills, delivering career guidance, and providing knowledge of our innovative global finance processes. Learn how Devin received that experience while also building relationships through networking opportunities.

Devin Rose
Building a foundation

While attending a pre-career mixer during his junior year at Louisiana State University, Devin was impressed by how approachable and personable IP employees were. “I was interested in IP after learning how interns could contribute to real-world projects during the summer,” he said. “The responsibility and trust given to the interns made me appreciate the company. I was curious to see what else I could learn.”

After a round of successful interviews, Devin received an offer to join IP for the summer as a finance intern at our global headquarters in Memphis, Tenn.

Throughout his internship, FORUM kept him informed and engaged. He attended various lunch and learns with senior leaders, volunteered around Memphis, and joined social events with peers. “Spending time with peers around my age helped me grow confidence and achieve the goals I set for myself,” Devin explained. “The open environment FORUM provided allowed for honest and clear conversations. We had a supportive space to ask ‘dumb’ questions about our daily work projects.”

Max Ammons, Devin’s boss, also demonstrated the various financial opportunities at IP through hands-on experience with box plants, mills and various Memphis teams.  “The complexity of finance at IP and the opportunities of the different growth paths were very appealing. I wasn’t constrained to one lane of finance, and I could explore a variety of opportunities knowing I had support,” Devin said.

Spending time with peers around my age helped me grow confidence and achieve the goals I set for myself. 

An easy decision

The ability to learn and grow with kind and genuine people made it an easy decision for Devin to apply for another internship with IP.

Devin started his second internship with IP during the summer of 2020. Despite the uncertainty of the time, FORUM enabled Devin to fulfill his role as a capital intern by working remotely.

While working on his MBA, he completed his final internship with IP at the Prattville Mill in Alabama. By working in a mill environment, he developed a greater appreciation for the process and the hard-working people who make it all possible.

In April 2022, Devin accepted an offer for a full-time financial analyst at our Georgetown, S.C. Mill.

The open environment FORUM provided allowed for honest and clear conversations.

Leading by example

Following the valuable experiences FORUM brought to his career, Devin wanted others to have the same opportunities he was offered. Now, as FORUM field chair, he coordinates inclusion and development for finance employees at our facilities, including opportunities for FORUM members to connect with other colleagues across the enterprise to learn, grow and collaborate.

Devin advocates for the positive impact FORUM continuously makes on his career. “The experiences I had in FORUM as an intern showed me that IP cared about my early development through learning and building relationships with peers,” he said. "This made me eager to return to a company that empowered me and put my learning first.”

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