For businesses of every type, the words and figures printed on recyclable paper often includes proprietary trade secrets and business data. We keep your confidential information secure in transport and with NAID™ AAA-certified document destruction capabilities at many of our recycling plants, you can trust International Paper’s recycling team for secure transportation, guaranteed destruction and round-the-clock surveillance.


The Right People

  • Rigorous employee hiring
  • Comprehensive background checks
  • Signed commitment to confidentiality documentation

Secure Transportation & Handling

  • Locked containers and on-site pick-up by professional drivers
  • Locks maintained from pick-up to deliver at secure destruction area
  • 100% pick-up – no loose documents
  • Uninterrupted chain of custody

Secure Destruction Area

  • Shredding to required specifications
  • All documents shredded prior to re-pulping
  • Fenced and locked secure area
  • 24-hour recorded surveillance
  • Video surveillance retained for 90 days
  • Limited access areas
  • Authorized personnel only

Environmental Responsibility

  • Fiber kept out of the landfill
  • Extends the useful life of fiber
  • Official security certification
  • Independent, unannounced environmental auditing

National Retailer/Wholesaler

Take an inside look at how International Paper's recycling team designed a custom sustainability solution for a large national retail chain faced with a unique challenge.