When safety and value are vital to your success

In the food industry, product safety is paramount. International Paper’s bulk food containers are designed to meet your specifications and manufactured in facilities that meet food industry standards. 

Our team of bulk packaging specialists work with you to provide cost savings, relevant innovations and are passionate about adding value for you.

You can count on International Paper, the largest corrugated packaging supplier to the leading companies in the bulk food industry. Our industry-standard totes and custom laminated bulk bins are a winning choice for food manufacturers that need to store and transport pasta, individual quick frozen (IQF) produce, dry ingredients, cereal, snack food, grains and beans.

Features & benefits

Customizable designs
Durable and stackable
Moisture-resistant coatings
100% Recyclable

Bulk food packaging designs

ClimaBin Teaser

Octagonal tote

The octagonal tote offers enhanced performance and additional compression strength compared to standard rectangular totes. Constructed of various combinations of doublewall and triplewall corrugated, the octagonal tote provides more resistance to bulging than rectangular totes. 

Recyclable and made with renewable materials, the octagonal tote has the ability to be stacked three high while also using less fiber to meet compression requirements.

Bulk Food teaser

Rectangular tote

The rectangular tote allows for easy set-up, as it is most often designed with a full bottom. When constructed with a combination of doublewall and triplewall, this tote provides more resistance to bulging than a similar standard triplewall tote.

IP Bulk Bin

Laminated bulk bins

We design these bins to be tough and to safely store and transport a variety of solid and dry flowable food products. 

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