Our cellulose derivative products include a range from low to high viscosity, high-purity extenders.

These products can be blended with higher cost-dissolving pulp or cotton linter pulp, with the flexibility to combine at varying levels to maximize results, depending on the end use and technology. The consistent, tightly controlled pulp viscosity and high purity minimize impact on production processes while offering significant cost savings, reliable supply and best-in-class technical support.

Pearl® is low viscosity pulp, ideally suited for low viscosity ethers, MCC, and nitrates, shortening processing time and minimizing viscosity degradation.

PW422 and FloraCel® FL422 are medium viscosity ether pulps, providing consistent viscosity due to strict viscosity control.

FloraCel® CO423 is ideal for medium viscosity MCC products that require higher brightness and for processing equipment that requires higher pulp sheet stiffness.

FloraCel® NB421 is a medium to high viscosity pulp, suited for medium to high viscosity ethers and providing cost savings as compared to cotton linter or dissolving pulp.

Note: In 2022, we introduced a new brand for our specialty products, FloraCel®. In 2023, our specialty grade names will be updated with the FloraCel® brand. For more information, please contact your International Paper sales representative.

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