Fiber Efficiency

We are committed to eliminating all aspects of fiber loss in the manufacturing process.


Vision 2020 Goal

Progress: 0.68% fiber loss from reporting mills

Stated Goal: Reduce fiber lost in the manufacturing process to less than 0.75%

Increasing Fiber Efficiency

Like all materials we use, we recognize the need to use fiber efficiently. That's why we are committed to continuing to achieve a performance of less than 0.75 percent fiber loss through 2020. 

Wood fiber is the single-largest component in the manufacturing of our paper and pulp products. Addressing wood fiber efficiency helps manage our costs and makes efficient use of natural resources, thus reducing waste and improving the circularity of our manufacturing processes.

To meet our goal, our mills focus on retaining usable fiber within our processes. In 2014, we developed a company standard to improve performance, and started to monitor progress through a global tracking system. We will continue to measure and track fiber efficiency performance while focusing on mill-specific deliberate improvements aimed at reducing fiber loss.