Sustainable Innovation

Display and packaging solutions for a better tomorrow are in store.

Explore our sustainable retail displays that feature 100% recyclable corrugate board made from SFI® Certified Sourcing labeled product. FSC™ is also available upon request. 


Easy to set up, stackable modules that offer promotional flexibility and freight savings!

Compared to traditional weekender design:

  • Up to 50% reduction in shipper size 
  • Up to 40% more units per pallet
RackUp  Display

Self Shipper Wing

Our unique, patented one-piece design offers efficiencies in manufacturing, materials, inventory and more!

  • Eliminates master shipper 

  • 40% corrugate reduction 

  • Less assembly labor 

Self Shipper Wing

Mod in a Box

A redesign of the traditional quick set endcap delivers efficiencies in manufacturing, shipping and in store.

  • PDQ’s and signage packed in one convenient carton
  • Reduced materials by 42 sq ft
  • 45% more displays per truck
  • Freight savings: >$50,000

Mod in a Box retail display

Success in Club

Modular system serves multiple brand and product configurations. New design delivered significant improvements:

  • 45% reduction in fossil fuel
  • 70% reduction in GHG emissions
  • 45% reduction in water usage
  • 173,132 liters of gas
Product displays in club store
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