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Display set-up in seconds
Sturdy, efficient construction
Customizable to meet your needs
Multiple display designs available
QuickUp Pop Up Case Stacker

Pop-up Case Stacker

  • Rapid setup speed
  • Sturdy construction – capable of supporting heavyweight products
Power Wing QuickUp display

Auto Power Wing

  • Streamlined single-piece design
  • Environmentally friendly, easy to recycle
QuickUp Hutch

1 Piece Pop Up Hutch

  • Unique open form hutch design
  • Solid center beam for shelf strength
QuickUP Shelf Hutch

4-Shelf Hutch/Automatic Shelves

  • Very easy to assemble – rack open, push down and shelves will auto-erect
  • Payload: holds up to 25lbs per shelf, up to 100lbs per display
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Many more QuickUp® designs are available.