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Innovation is simply finding new ideas for improvement. At International Paper, we know that just being aware of those opportunities do not move the competitive advantage dial. That’s why we focus on practical innovation, which is bringing new improvements to life. To consistently drive and deliver practical innovation, we have developed a defined process called our Customer Value Analysis or CVA.

How we do it

CVA Optimization

Package optimization

• Reduced packaging cost through enhanced fiber utilization and package compression.
• Reduced package damage by implementing improved handling processes.
• Reduced package cost by delivering the most effective specification and creative design for your application.

CVA Line Efficiency

Line efficiency

• Increased productivity and lower production cost with proper packaging automation.
• Improved storage space through smarter palletization.
• Reduced damage and waste with more effective carton storage practices.

CVA Warehouse Optimization

Warehouse optimization

• Reduced product damage by improving handling methods.
• Reduced storage space through smarter palletization.
• Take advantage of “Free Space."

CVA Supply Chain

Supply chain efficiency

• Reduced freight cost through enhanced trailer and container utilization.
• Reduced product damage by optimizing and improving logistics and interim storage practices.
• Improved customer satisfaction by delivering the optimum design thanks to end-use consumer need analysis.

VAS Audits

Audits or observation visits

In addition to the daily efforts we provide, we also offer 
collaborative customer value analysis (CVA) audits or observation visits.
• CVA audits or observations utilize a cross functional team of key IP stakeholders working collaboratively with our customers at their facilities.
• The CVA audit typically requires a full day in the facility beginning at incoming cartons through the process to finished goods.
• The CVA audit requires significant preparation before the visit so we can evaluate the flow of our customer’s packaging from order placement through the final shipment of finished product to their customer.

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