About this solution

A compact package to maximize cost effectiveness across the supply chain

Multiple options to meet all your technical and performance requirements:

  •  Material specification 
  •  Single die-cut blank
  •  Loading: top, bottom or side 
  •  Closure system: hot melt glued
  •  Storage: can be stored flat
  •  Packing your products: fully enclosed or visible  
  •  Packaging erection type: machine erect 
  •  Meets shelf-ready packaging expectations
  •  Option to use high-quality printing on outer surfaces to increase brand awareness and sales

Fitted to your product dimensions, our Wrap Around packaging is an optimized solution that is fully functional for multiple end uses.

Wrap around

Features & benefits

100% recyclable
Made from renewable resources
Material specification
Excellent product protection
Adapted to a product’s load bearing capabilities
Designed to meet your machine system requirements
Compatible with high quality printing
Pallet stacking stability
Product Availability

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