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Beyond the Box: We have what you value

When you choose our e-commerce packaging solutions, you know your box was developed by a team of experts with credible market knowledge and a proud history designing e-commerce packaging solutions. From rigorous testing to automation solutions, innovative design to sustainability, we’ve got you covered. 

The direct to consumer, eCommerce trend continues to grow. Is your corrugated packaging ready? 

If not, you risk not only delivering damaged products, but a damaged brand reputation along with it.
At IP, we work hard every single day to design and test the boxes and related corrugated packaging that are your customers’ first impression of your company. From crush tests to vibration analysis, our testing facilities provide an array of services to ensure your package withstands the journey.

We innovate with you to solve your biggest challenges.

Our innovations deliver real results. We offer machinery and automation solutions that streamline your operations today, while our innovation team works on new solutions to meet the eCommerce needs of tomorrow. 

Last but never least, our solutions are designed with sustainability in mind. Corrugated packaging is among the most recyclable materials on the planet. But why stop there? We’re committed to managing forests for the long-term because it’s a core part of who we are and because it’s how we build a better future for people and the planet.

Testing and eCommerce Ready Packaging

Packaging performance is more critical than ever

We’re thinking generations ahead.

Explore our commitment to building a better future for people and the planet. 

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