Personalized Design Services

Your satisfaction is our priority

We provide you with: 

  • A professional design consultancy
  • A global network of packaging experts and designers eager to serve you 
  • Innovative and added-value design creation that sharpens your competitive edge

Our more than 200 packaging design engineers across Europe and the USA all use standardized CAD systems. The use of value analysis & cost improvement programmes (TCO), in conjunction with product optimization programmes, are standard practice in all our design departments. This ensures that our designers offer not only innovative designs, but also practical and cost-effective ideas. Our EMEA Customer Excellence Centers are organised into regional hubs, these are staffed with experienced technical experts committed to assisting both national and European customers. We also have R&D support centers in the USA. 

Same file format

Use of standard European CAD/CAM design systems in all regions allows for unlimited exchanges between local, national and international design teams.

3D Construction

You have the flexibility to check designs online.

Local support 

Local design teams, sample service and testing activity are available at all support centers. 


We use a common TCO approach and supply chain/pallet optimization.