About this solution

A two-piece solution with excellent protection and optimized performance

Multiple options to meet all your technical and performance requirements:

  •  Set-up: manual or mechanical 
  •  Storage: can be stored flat
  •  Packing: visibility and access to your products 
  •  Cost effective proposals 
  •  Brand promotion: appealing designs and multiple printing options

Fully functional for multiple end uses. See examples below.

Bushel & telescopic box

Features & benefits

100% recyclable
Made from renewable resources
Designed to meet your supply chain requirements
Reduced warehouse space
Easy and rapid set-up
Protection during shipping
Products visible and accessible
Promote your brand
Bushel & telescopic box

Packaging solutions for your sector

EMEA Fruit & Vegetable Complete

Fruit and vegetable 

Every type of produce has unique handling requirements, meaning there is no one-size-fits-all packaging solution for the fruit and vegetable sector. That’s why our technical specialists work with you to find a packaging solution that ensures your fruit and vegetables arrive fresh and ready to sell.

Particularly suitable for bananas, apples and citrus fruits
High stacking resistance
Protection during shipping
Brand awareness
Designed to optimize pallet and shipping space
Product Availability

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