About this solution

Optimal support and maximum protection for the safe, damage-free shipping of fragile goods.

Multiple options to meet all your technical and performance requirements:

  • Cushioning adapted to your breakable, fragile or non-load bearing products 
  • Packaging erection types: machine or hand erect 
  • Storage: can be stored flat
  • Pre-assembled partitions and automated inserter reduces labor costs

Fully functional for multiple end uses. See examples below.

Protective Inner Packaging

Features & benefits

100% recyclable
Made from renewable resources
Excellent product protection
Increase stacking resistance
Reduces waste and breakage
Reduce warehouse space
Effective and environment-friendly alternative
Protective Inner Packaging

Packaging solutions for your sector

Packaging for bottles Banner Complete

Alcoholic beverages

Corrugated boxes are the most effective way to transport and market high-value products like wine. The superior protection they offer prevents damages, while its appealing structure and ability to add graphics attracts consumer attention at the point of purchase while also increasing brand awareness.

Reduction in volume used
Attractive product presentation
A wide-range of partitions, cushioning and fitment to protect and keep the appearance of up to 12 bottles
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