Manufacturing & Industrial Goods

Discover the versatility of our corrugated products for the manufacturing and industrial sector.

We leverage our wealth of experience in the manufacturing and industrial sector to help you find innovative packaging solutions. 
No matter what manufacturing sector you operate in and regardless of the types of products you manufacture, we will collaborate with you to deliver the sustainable, innovative corrugated packaging you need to compete.


A range of innovative packaging solutions to ensure the safe delivery of automotive parts.


Bulk packaging is the perfect solution for many chemical manufacturing processes.

Heavy Duty

Design science and advanced technical papers have positioned corrugated as the packaging of choice for heavy industrial goods.

Industrial Electronics

Protect delicate components and organize assembly areas with reusable and recyclable corrugated containers.

Rubber, Plastics, Glass & Metal Products

There are plenty of different materials on the market. We’ll make sure you have the right packaging solution to protect and transport each of them.


Explore our commitment to building a better future for people and the planet. 

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