About this solution

High flexibility in shapes and profiles that maximize customization

Multiple options to meet all your technical and performance requirements:

  •  Material specification 
  •  Individual designs: standard and non-standard
  •  Blank sheet & supply chain optimization
  •  Adapted to your product: perforations, cut outs, profile
  •  Closure systems: taped, glued or locked 
  •  Locking closures: manual or automatic 
  •  Packaging erection types: machine or hand erect
  •  Blank sheet & supply chain optimization
  •  Brand promotion: appealing designs and multiple printing options

Fully functional for multiple end uses. See examples below.

Die-cut packaging

Features & benefits

100% recyclable
Made from renewable resources
Material specification
Designed to meet your supply chain requirements
Lightweight solution
Adapted to your products
Fully customizable
Compatible with high quality printing
Product Availability

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