About this solution

Safe storage for bulk goods

Multiple options to meet all your technical and performance requirements:

  •  Adapted to your product: automatic body assembly, cut outs 
  •  Closure systems: glued, stitched or taped 
  •  Storage space optimization: delivered folded flat 
  •  Packaging erection type: hand erect
  •  Easily incorporated to your filling lines
  •  Simple printing 
  •  Triplewall available in Morocco and Spain

Fully functional for multiple end uses. See examples below.


Features & benefits 

100% recyclable
FSC™ certified
High-printing quality for branding and marketing
Excellent protection during shipping
Easy set-up
Storage space optimization
Adapted to your filling lines
Large storage capacity

Packaging solutions for several sectors

Chemicals Complete


Bulk packaging is the perfect solution for many chemical manufacturing processes.

Heavy Duty Banner Complete

Heavy duty

Design science and advanced technical papers have positioned corrugated as the packaging of choice for heavy industrial goods.

Rubber, Plastics, Glass & Metal Complete

Rubber, plastics, glass & metal products

There are plenty of different materials on the market. We’ll make sure you have the right packaging solution to protect and transport each of them.

Product Availability

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