Our cellulose fibers, paper and packaging business units serve customers across the region with a full range of top notch products.

Uncoated Woodfree Papers

In EMEA, International Paper produces and offers a broad portfolio of uncoated papers for a multitude of uses and applications for the office and commercial printing segments. Whatever your printing need may be, we have the brands and solutions for you.


Corrugated Packaging

A global leader in corrugated packaging, we understand your packaging needs and offer a full range of value-added solutions including supply chain and design services.


Coated Paperboard

As a leading supplier of consumer packaging board, we understand your needs for paperboard as well as for service - no matter which business you are in – and offer a wide range of solutions to help your packaging business be successful.


Cellulose Fibers

International Paper's Global Cellulose Fibers business sells a full line of absorbent fluff and specialty pulp, as well as paper and tissue pulp, produced at International Paper mills around the globe.