IP Canary Islands team shares "bedtime stories" with Spanish charities and hospitals

Last revised: June 15, 2023
Canary Islands Team Shares "Bedtime Stories” with Spanish Charities and Hospitals

At the occasion of the International Day of Education, celebrated on January 24, IP's Canary Islands team made a special gift to charities and hospitals around Spain by donating their “Bedtime Stories," a collection of 13 short stories written by local employees and their children. The stories promote social values, safety and sustainability, and their protagonists are personified IP corrugated boxes.

The project aims to encourage reading and writing among young children to support their development. The beautifully designed books have been distributed to hospitals and children's associations throughout the country. All stories promote values that IP upholds such as safety, inclusion, diversity, friendship, recycling and sustainability.

“This story collection represents a dream that our colleagues have worked on for months. We're proud that these stories that were born in the corridors of our plants and promote values that identify us as a company will now reach many children across the country. We hope they will enjoy the stories as much as we have enjoyed creating them," said Tanausu Cruz, complex general manager, Canary Islands.