International Paper invests EUR 20 million to serve its Italian customers better

Last revised: June 15, 2023
International Paper Invests EUR 20 Million to Serve its Italian Customers Better

Bellusco, Italy

Brussels, Belgium / Bellusco, Italy – November 04, 2022 – International Paper, a world leader in the fiber-based packaging and absorbent pulp industry, has announced major investments totaling more than 20 million euros to increase both capacity and capabilities of its box plants located in Bellusco, Catania and Pomezia, Italy. The investment in new equipment and modern technologies, to be installed in the company’s Bellusco, Catania and Pomezia plants, will allow International Paper to provide its customers with even more choices of high-quality, innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

The investment is consistent with the company’s strategy to create advantaged positions in attractive markets. “We are pleased to announce these significant investments in our plants in Italy. This will strengthen our overall position and add to our already robust portfolio of sustainable packaging solutions facilitating the circular economy, while allowing us to serve existing and new customers even better,” said John Berry, General Manager European Packaging at International Paper.

With a focus on installing new equipment and technology to increase capacity and efficiency, this investment will ensure that International Paper can offer an even wider choice of sustainable packaging solutions.

For example, the Bellusco plant will leverage a new four-color flat-bed die cutter to advance the production of corrugated punnets for the fruit and vegetable sector. 100% recyclable, these premium packages are a viable alternative to single-use plastic packaging. At the Pomezia plant a new state-of-the-art corrugator will increase the plant’s production capacity while also allowing a higher level of service for customers. The Catania plant will utilize a new casemaker to produce more high-quality printed boxes designed for the industrial sector. Also at Catania, the investment into modern wastewater treatment facilities will reduce water consumption at the plant and thus make an important contribution to water management in a region where water is a scarce resource.

“By increasing capacity, improving efficiency and flexibility, these investments further enhance our ability to provide customers with the top quality, innovative and sustainable packaging solutions they demand, while facilitating our entry into new segments,” said Giovanni Colocci, Regional General Manager Italy at International Paper.

The investments also advance International Paper’s Vision 2030 sustainability goals by reducing waste, limiting energy and water consumption, and improving production efficiency. Kicked off in the fourth quarter of 2022, the investments are expected to be completed during the first half of 2023.

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