EMEA CP Secure E Box World Star

Secure e-box Liderpack 2022 & WorldStar Packaging Award 2023

We’re proud that Liderpack named our Secure E-Box as the Best Logistics and Distribution Packaging in 2022 and that it was recognized with a 2023 WorldStar of Packaging Award. 

Also called the 'inviolable box', this innovative corrugated cardboard box features a tamper-evident closure that breaks the first time it’s opened. The E-Commerce Secure Box also comes with additional tabs at the top and on the inside that allow it to be reused for returns.

Not only is this box made from 100% recycled corrugated material, but it also doesn’t require the use of any adhesive tape or other material, thus promoting the circular economy and sustainability. 


Two packages designed by our facilities in Spain were recognized at the Liderpack Awards 2022

The Liderpack Awards, organized annually by Graphispack Association and Fira de Barcelona's Hispack tradeshow, have been recognizing the most innovative, customer-focused packaging solutions for over 25 years​.

EMEA CP Liderpack food

Sealed fish box Liderpack 2022 

Our sealed fish box earned top mark in the Best Food Packaging category for its innovative, sustainable design, adaptability, and respect for the environment. The package not only prevents water from spilling during transport, it also features locking tabs at the top of the inner flaps for better airtight sealing. The new-and-improved design replaces the use of a laminated thin film with a more sustainable waxed kraft paper. 

EMEA CP Liderpack bin

Separating bin Liderpack 2022

Our separating bin earned the top prize in the Home Products category. The bin is made of three pieces of cardboard and can be configured to separate two or four different types of waste or recyclables. Its resistant design means strong durability, while a built-in anchoring system keeps collection bags in place and prevents cross contamination between waste streams.



  • Cookware display - ATEF 2022 and FTA Europe Diamond Awards 2022

    One of our high-quality printing boxes won first prize in the 2022 ATEF awards program in Spain, recognizing excellence in flexography. The box was created for customer Isogona by our Valls box plant in Spain. Used to promote the customer's Monix brand of cookware products, the display features a motif of multiple colors, logos and text. But the main focus is an image of the renowned Spanish chefs Javier and Sergio Torres. Using the latest techniques in flexo-printing, the exact quantity of ink and color combination is applied to the high-quality printing box. The result is a brightly colored display featuring a crisp image of two widely recognizable celebrity chefs that immediately stands out and grabs the attention of passing customers. The display box also made second place in the 2022 FTA Europe Diamond Awards.

  • Ecological fungicide box - ATEF 2022

    Our box was chosen as winner of the 2022 ATEF awards, a Spanish contest recognizing excellence in flexography, thanks to the high quality level of the photographic finish of the images printed on E-flute board.

  • 12-Bottle case for wine - ATEF 2022

    This wine box won first prize in the 2022 ATEF awards program in Spain. Very elegant in its presentation, the packaging was selected for its highly sophisticated printing techniques using 5 colors and varnish. The jury highlighted particularly the play of light and shadow, the sharp details, as well as the technique of playing with the pressure of the die and clichés, along with the environmental benefits from using water-based inks for the gold color instead of the usual metallic inks.

  • Circular Box – Conai Award 2022 and Best Packaging 2022

    Our Circular Box range of secondary packaging for transporting personal care products was a finalist in the Best Packaging 2022 contest. The package was designed by our team in Italy for customer Colgate-Palmolive. 
    More than a box, the Circular Box is a circular economy solution that reduces waste and increases recycling and material recovery. The circle begins with a local transport company, which collects paper and cardboard scraps from the customer’s plant. These scraps are then delivered to a local paper mill, which makes recycled paper that IP’s Pomezia plant then transforms into its Circular Box range. The process results in a completely closed and sustainable circular supply chain for the paper used. Watch a short video.
    The annual Best Packaging contest is organized by the Italian Packaging Institute (Istituto Italiano Imballagio), in collaboration with Conai (National Packaging Consortium).  



  • One Box – Packaging Innovation Prize 2021 and VITeff Prize 2021

    In 2021, our OneBox won multiple awards. It won first place in the Corrugated Board category of the Packaging Innovation Prize, organized by the French company G.I.S.I. It also received first prize in the Technological Innovation category at the VITeff exhibition. 

    Developed for six bottles of wine, the OneBox was specifically recognized for its many innovative features and sustainability advantages.  

    The packaging is unique in that it combines two functions in one solution. On the one hand, it provides maximum protection to the wine bottles during shipping while, on the other, it serves as an attractive promotional display with its built-in handle, flat layout and ability to be printed both inside and out. 

    Another unique feature is that all of the OneBox's components – from the outer packaging to internal fittings – are made from a single piece. This innovative design feature significantly simplifies the packing process for the customer and avoids over-packaging. 

    Furthermore, thanks to the use of a tamper-proof locking system, the package is made entirely from corrugated board and does not require any additional glue or tape, making it a fully recyclable packaging solution that contributes to the circular economy. 

    OneBox was designed by International Paper in France.

  • Fuze Tea Package – Best in Flexo 2021

    International Paper won 2nd place in the Coated Corrugated Cardboard category during the Best in Flexo Awards for the type of printing applied to a display for customer Fuze Tea.

    IP’s entry stood out due to the printed sheet's unique large format and how the uniform application of color masks the display's cardboard flutes – reinforcing the quality look and feel. Produced at our Bellusco box plant in Italy, the display was designed by Redbox, a partner of IP. The award was shared with TADAM srl, an IP flexo printing equipment supplier.

    The Best in Flexo Awards are given by the Italian Technical Association for Flexography (ATIF), recognizing the very best in quality flexographic printing.

  • Pink Lady® Package – EFIA Award 2021

    International Paper received first prize in the Overseas Corrugated category at the EFIA Awards for the type of printing applied to a punnet for customer Pink Lady®. Designed by our French team and produced at our Bellusco plant in Italy, IP shared the award with Z Due, an IP flexo printing equipment supplier.

    The EFIA Awards are given by the Flexographic Industry Association (FIA) (formerly European Flexographic Industry Association EFIA) and recognize the very best in flexographic print quality, efficiency, innovation, technical development and sustainability.



  • Label 5 Package – Best in Show Award 2020

    International Paper Valls (previously Cartonatges Trilla) was named Best in Show in the Category 3-4+ color printing on corrugated board in Spain’s national Flexography Contest. The award-winning packaging was created for customer Label 5. 

    Organized by ATEF (the Spanish Flexographic Technical Association), the contest recognizes innovative companies who use flexographic printing to fulfill the demanding needs of brands.

  • No Limit 2.0 – Best Packaging 2020

    Designed by International Paper’s team in Italy, this innovative packaging designed for the wine e-commerce sector was a finalist in the Best Packaging 2020 contest, which focused on planning and quality design.

    Adapting to a variety of different bottle shapes and sizes, the No Limit 2.0 packaging is particularly easy and quick to form, meaning less preparation times for operators. It also ensures guaranteed protection of the contents during all stages of shipment.

    The annual Best Packaging contest is organized by the Italian Packaging Institute (Istituto Italiano Imballagio), in collaboration with the Design School of the Milan University (Politecnico di Milano).

  • Glou Glou – FlexoStar 2019

    International Paper’s Glou Glou wine package won a Silver FlexoStar in the Corrugated Board Flexo Printing on Uncoated Paper category.

    The FlexoStar recognizes the high-definition printing happening at IP’s Chalon plant in France. It specifically highlights the natural shades of the printing and its refined graphics.

    The FlexoStar is given by the French Technical Association of Flexography (ATF), recognizing France’s best flexo prints.

  • Beer'Pack – Packaging Innovation Prize 2019

    Designed by International Paper in France, the e-commerce Beer’Pack packaging was chosen as the 2019 winner in the Corrugated Board category of the Packaging Innovation Prize organized by the French company G.I.S.I.

    The solution, made for eight bottles, is a corrugated board composed of a box with an inserted partition. The box adheres to shipping requirements, which helps guarantee that goods stay intact during transportation.

    The packaging design also allows customers to ship bottles of different shapes and sizes, while displaying the eight-beer selection to consumers in a separate tray.

    Another unique feature is that the packaging integrates coasters into the box – providing a sustainable solution while giving the packaging a second life.

  • Compack Wine – Best Packaging 2018, CONAI 2018 and WorldStar Packaging Award 2019

    International Paper’s Compack Wine transport and display was named one of the best packages of the year. It also received a WorldStar of Packaging award in the Beverage category.

    Designed by International Paper in Italy, Compack Wine is a new, innovative and patented packaging solution for wine bottles that improves environmental performance and optimizes transportation.

    With this new corrugated cardboard packaging, gaps between each bottle (six at a time) have been narrowed, optimizing the internal space and reducing the total amount of raw material used by 16%. The new design also allows the customer to achieve a 50% increase in boxes transported on standard pallets.

    Thanks to its recyclability, Compack Wine brings significant environmental benefits compared to other solutions made from alternative materials.



  • Berries Tray – CONAI 2018

    Designed by International Paper in Italy, the Berries Tray earned a CONAI Eco-FriendlyPackaging Award. The awards recognize Italy’s most innovative and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

    The Berries Tray not only provides savings in logistics and raw materials, it also optimizes the production process.

    Developed in collaboration with a customer, this new tray has a lower height (- 10 mm) than the previous design, while keeping the same required ventilation properties for small fruits. This innovation brings significant storage and transportation improvements to the customer, without damaging the fruit.

    International Paper also made changes to its internal production process on the corrugator and die-cutter, leading to higher production efficiencies.

  • Wine Package and Black Vacuum Package – FlexoStar 2018

    International Paper won a Silver FlexoStar for a Wine Package printing done at its Chalon plant in France. The package won in the Corrugated Board Flexo Printing on Uncoated Paper category.

    The high-definition printing is made of four colors on a white background on brown paper.

    IP also received a Bronze FlexoStar for its Black Vacuum Package printing, also produced at the Chalon plant in France. This award was made in the Corrugated Board Flexo Printing on Coated Paper category.

    This is a unique, high-definition printed package produced using a state-of-the-art printing/converting line capable of printing up to five colors and varnish.

    The FlexoStar is given by the French Technical Association of Flexography (ATF) and recognizes France’s best flexo prints.

  • PipiKat® Box – Liderpack Award 2017 and WorldStar Packaging Award 2018

    Designed by IP’s Spanish team, the PipiKat® disposable and recyclable cat litter box is made from water resistant board and comes equipped with absorbent clay. It is marketed by customer Direct2Pet. 

    The compact design is easily unfolded to form a hut, giving the cat privacy to go about its business. Once the clay is fully used, the box can be collapsed and recycled. 

    In addition to receiving the 2017 Liderpack Award, the box was also honored with a 2018 WorldStar award from the World Packaging Organization (WPO). The pre-eminent international award in packaging, WorldStar illustrates the continual advancement of the state of packaging art and creates a living standard of international packaging excellence.