Sustainable solutions to enhance textile production

FloraCel® PW486 kraft pulp offers a cost reduction and performance enhancement solution for lyocell production. It has low viscosity and high solubility for higher productivity. FloraCel® PW486 is a thermally-stable pulp with low copper number and transition metals for safe processing. Its consistent brightness requires less bleaching and cost savings are achieved through optimal blending with dissolving wood pulp.

Pearl® is a kraft pulp, low viscosity grade with consistent viscosity, brightness, and high cleanliness for viscose rayon and ethers. Pearl® can be blended with dissolving wood pulp at greater than 15%, without additional investment, to achieve lower material costs with similar fiber product properties. Pearl® provides a cost-effective and sustainable solution to “extend” current production output.

Note: In 2022 we introduced a new brand for our specialty products, FloraCel®. In 2023, our specialty grade names will transition to the FloraCel® brand. For more information, please contact your International Paper sales representative.

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