Win & Green: French commercial team introduces new sales tool, highlighting IP’s sustainability advantages

6 février 2023
Win & Green: French Commercial Team Introduces New Sales Tool, Highlighting IP’s Sustainability Advantages

With customers and end-users becoming increasingly concerned about sustainability, IP's sales teams are often asked about the environmental impact of our innovative packaging. With their new Win&Green tool, now the French team can answer these questions quickly and clearly.

As part of our 'Our Customer Promise' approach, the Excel-based tool allows a sales representative to create a detailed environmental comparison between the customer's current solution and the packaging that IP is proposing. Simply enter the relevant data and, with the click of a mouse, one can show how choosing IP will improve the customer's carbon footprint and their environmental impact. Specifically, the analysis includes calculations relating to CO2 reductions across a product's lifecycle, including on the material used, the wood pallet it's delivered on, and the supply chain.

The tool also calculates how much a customer can save by choosing IP's packaging. For example, the final analysis identifies both the direct and indirect gains (financial and CO2) one would achieve using our innovative solutions.

All this information is presented in an easy-to-understand layout that the customer can use to evaluate the overall advantages of our proposal, verify our commitment, and make an informed purchasing decision – giving our sales team's a powerful tool for responding to our customer's sustainability concerns. A great example of how we're delivering on our customer promise to do the right things for our customers – at every moment, in every experience.