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We hope you enjoy exploring International Paper's educational materials. They were designed to help others learn the importance of good environmental stewardship. We hope it's an educational and worthwhile visit for you.

Company Overview

We are a leading global company unified around a shared commitment to being successful and respected by operating safely and sustainably, using all resources responsibly, and strengthening our people and communities where we live and work.

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Annual Performance Summary

We create long-term value for our shareowners. View our results.

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Global Citizenship Report

We recognize the importance of aligning the needs of our business with the needs of the world and we’re committed to continuous improvement and transparency about our sustainability successes and challenges.

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Life of the Forest Posters

Students can learn about responsible forest practices.Make the most of learning with our helpful resources. 

The Little Book of Commonsense

In the Little Book of Commonsense, you will be reminded of things you probably already know, but you may also be surprised with a few facts you have never considered before.


The Little Green Book

The Little Green Book was written to make it easier for everyone to understand some of the key facts about how sustainable our industry is.


Papermaking, Recycling & Boxmaking Posters

Over time, the process has been perfected to increase efficiency and make a better, stronger paper. Learn more about the modern Papermaking Processes. 



View past reports and other publications.

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