THRIVE® Benefits

Break ahead with a rule breaker

As an essentially new class of thermoplastic composites, THRIVE is more than a replacement for your existing material. Instead, it’s writing new rules, setting new performance standards, and giving manufacturers a competitive advantage.

    Dog and cat eating platter in multiple colors    Fish grip made with THRIVE; floats, unique feel, warm to touch       Sporting equipment made with THRIVE, thick ribs, no surface sinks


  • Has low odor and the natural color of cellulose fibers readily absorbs colors for full color flexibility
  • Passes automotive interior odor tests
  • Minimizes surface sicks and internal voids
  • Is warm to touch with a different look versus both plastics and conventional composites
  • Bonds easily to other polymers and materials

THRIVE molding benefits v2

Customize THRIVE For Your Unique Needs

We offer THRIVE in a variety of grades. No matter which grade you choose, you get the same great benefits: improved cycle time, less energy to produce, lightweight but strong, design friendly and environmentally responsible. Our technical specialists and scientists will work with you to determine the best option for your needs. THRIVE is available in:

  • 15%, 20%, 30% cellulose fiber
  • Recycled PP in black and colorable white
  • Virgin PP in natural
  • Standard or medium impact grades

In addition, THRIVE can be blended with other reinforcement additives to give you even more flexibility to fine tune the appearance, properties and processing requirements of your parts, as well as manage your costs.  Learn more.  THRIVE tree

THRIVE 200 Product Offering

Contact your International Paper team for more information.

15DXV235SC4N 15% cellulose fiber, 80% virgin PP
20DXV235SC4N 20% cellulose fiber, 80% virgin-PP
30DXV235SC4N 30% cellulose fiber, 70% virgin-PP
20DXV235MC4N 20% cellulose fiber, 80% virgin-PP, enhanced impact performance
30DXV235MC4N 30% cellulose fiber, 70% virgin-PP, enhanced impact performance

15DXR235SC4B 15% cellulose fiber, 80% black recycled PP
20DXR235SC4B 20% cellulose fiber, 80% black recycled PP
30DXR235SC4B 30% cellulose fiber, 80% black recycled PP
20DXR235MC4B 20% cellulose fiber, 80% black recycled PP, enhanced impact performance
30% cellulose fiber, 80% black recycled PP, enhanced impact performance
20DXR235SC4W 20% cellulose fiber, 80% white recycled PP
20DXR235MC4W 20% cellulose fiber, 80% white recycled PP, enhanced impact performance


Click here for information about the intellectual property related to our family of THRIVE products.