Essential business paper with an edge. Tecnis is a complete range of business papers that will help you take the hassle out of printing.

  • EMEAKwTecnisCopier1
    Tecnis Copier

    Tecnis Copier is a white paper for high-volume printing.

  • EMEAKwTecnisLaserJet1
    Tecnis Laser & Inkjet

    Tecnis Laser & Inkjet is the high-whiteness paper for laser and inkjet printing.

  • EMEAKwTecnisLaser1
    Tecnis Laser

    Tecnis Laser is a high-white paper with good stiffness.

  • EMEAKwTecnisSelect1
    Tecnis Select

    Tecnis Select is a premium paper with brilliant whiteness and smoothness.