POL Office Paper

It's been a little over 20 years since POL office papers were introduced to offices and houses around Poland. From day one our focus on quality, market needs and natural environment has been the core of the POL office papers brand. Today, you can choose from a wide variety of formats and weights, solutions and versions, depending on your business or personal needs. All that with the confidence that POL office papers are delivered on time, come with superior runnability and remain sustainable throughout their entire life cycle. Thank you for choosing POL.

Social Responsibility

We believe that best things happen with and through people.

Since its beginnings, POL office papers have been supporting “All of Poland reads to children” initiative. Find out more and join the cause.

With two years behind us and many more to come, we're also the proud partner of the PAJACYK charity program, an initiative sponsored by PAH. Find out more and join the cause.

NEW Tear Strip Opening!

Frustrated with finding the right way to open a ream of paper? Don’t let small things ruin your day at work. Look for POLlux and POLjet with easy tear-strip opening and enjoy your time in the office. POL, your office paper.