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PRO DESIGN®: perfect choice for color laser printing

Not all digital color laser papers are created equal. PRO DESIGN is developed to exceed your expectations. PRO DESIGN offers you a balanced high whiteness for better contrast printing, super smoothness and excellent formation for ideal toner adhesion, enhanced conductivity and reduced wear and tear of your equipment’s fusing unit.


99.99% Jam Free Guarantee

PRO DESIGN brand has attained a 99.99% jam free guarantee accreditation across the entire range.

This achievement provides a further endorsement of the product’s high performance standards. Thanks to supreme sheet formation, smooth surface and optimal stiffness, PRO DESIGN guarantees 99.99% jam free runnability – confirmed in multiple, in-depth tests conducted on leading printing systems and validated by customer feedback.

Share in Our Passion for Paper

The following highlights serve as a concise overview and a reference point for the properties we closely monitor in the manufacturing process of PRO DESIGN and which have significant impact on the print quality of your work.

  • Smoothness: the evenness of the surface of the paper
  • Formation: uniformity of the sheet
  • Whiteness: the visual appearance of the sheet
  • Moisture: amount of water content in sheet
  • Curl: when a sheet takes on a curved quality, losing its ‘flatness’
PRO-DESIGN Share in our passion for paper

Enjoy the Colors!

Did you know that displaying graphics in color, rather than black & white, has a positive and demonstrable effect on readers? PRO DESIGN is developed to deliver maximum color impact, bringing your graphics to life with a real flair. Here are some quick facts about colors:

  • Color visuals can actually increase the willingness to read something by up to 80%
  • The reader’s attention doubles when advertisements are in color
  • Color accelerates the process of learning and recollection by 78%
  • Up to 80% more is bought by readers when advertisements are in color
  • Color presentation and collaterals were evaluated 60% better than black & white ones


PRO-DESIGN Enjoy the colors