IP-Yangfan Project Helps Rural Students in Yanzhou

by International Paper | Jul 06, 2015

2015 Yangfan ShandongIP-Yangfan Book Donation Project is a signature giving program in IP Asia. On May 23, 2015, International Paper donated extracurricular books, school supplies, and sports goods totaling RMB 12,000 to Yanzhou Tianqimiao Primary School to help the school improve education conditions. Some of the books were donated by employees from IP Asia regional headquarters and IP SUN JV.

On a donation ceremony, School Principal Liu Qiang said, “I want to thank International Paper for giving us needy help on these educational resources, especially the books, which are very suitable for students.” Liu said the students are from five small villages around the school, and some of them are left-behind children whose parents work in big cities and don’t have time to care about their study.

Several delegates from IP Asia regional headquarters and IP-Sun JV attended the ceremony at the campus. After that, the delegates and volunteers from Yangfan Project organized ice-breaking games and reading related activities such as making bookmarks as gifts for people who sent them the books.

IP Asia has partnered with Sina Yangfan Project to donate extra-curricular books to schools in China’s remote areas since 2012. The project has so far helped 53 schools and benefited about 15,000 students.