Recycling and End of Product Life

Recycling and End of Product Life

International Paper’s connection to wood fiber is clear — it’s our main raw material. What is less obvious is how we are connected to wood fiber in so many other ways. We touch wood fiber as it enters our paper-making process as new fiber. We also play a significant role in recovering wood fiber from the waste stream and in reusing the wood fiber in our products for up to as many as seven different purposes.

Fiber Recovery

Fiber Recovery & Overall Trends

Paper recovery is one of the best — and yet little-known — environmental success stories in the world. The market for recovered fiber is strong, and is expected to grow by 35 percent between 2008 and 2018.


Recycling & Overall Trends

International Paper is the largest single user of wood fiber in the world. We rely on a healthy, ongoing supply of wood through the careful management practices of our wood suppliers, and we use fiber that has been recovered.