Range of International Paper Products

The connection we have through our products to customers and consumers is one we value and respect. Our core products are made from renewable, reusable and recyclable materials. This, combined with third-party forest certifications and internationally recognized standards, allows us to fulfill our sustainability and conservation commitments to our business partners and customers.

Our core businesses include industrial and consumer packaging, printing papers, pulp and recycling services.

Printing Papers

International Paper’s Printing and Communications Papers business offers nearly every form of uncoated paper used in home offices and businesses. Within this business, International Paper also produces fluff and market pulp for a variety of uses around the globe. Connecting our paper and fluff brands and products with responsible fiber certification is a core value of this business. We also offer our customers and consumers a range of recycled paper products.

Consumer Packaging and Foodservice

International Paper’s Consumer Packaging business supplies our customers with successful retail point-of-purchase displays and specialized packaging engineered to protect valuable products. Our Foodservice Business is a leading global marketer and manufacturer of single-use packaging for the foodservice industry.

Industrial Packaging

International Paper’s Industrial Packaging business has a global network of converting plants, containerboard mills, recycling centers and support facilities. Our Industrial Packaging custom-designed products are renewable, efficient and cost-effective, meeting virtually any marketing or distribution requirement and assuring a continuous flow of reliable packaging solutions to meet unique supply-chain needs.

In 2013 the business launched the Brown Box Green Globe® campaign to create awareness and dispel myths about the use of paper-based packaging. Using paper-based packaging keeps trees growing, regenerates the forest and encourages long-term, responsible forest stewardship. Demand for paper-based packaging provides an economic incentive to tree farmers to keep their land forested, rather than sell it for development or clear it to grow other crops.

The xpdex Sustainability Platform

xpedx is a $6 billion business of International Paper, and its only non-manufacturing entity. xpedx is a leading business-to-business distributor of packaging, facility, and printing supplies and equipment in North America, based in Loveland, Ohio. In January 2014, International Paper signed a definitive agreement to merge xpedx with Unisource Worldwide Inc., another leading North American distribution solutions business. The merger is expected to close in mid-2014 and will create a new publicly traded company.

The xpedx Sustainability Platform comprises three components: Sustainable Choices, Sustainable Leadership and Sustainable Operations. The sustainability platform models environmental excellence, starting at our own facilities, and affects the entire supply chain, from purchasing to recycling.

xpdex 2013 Sustainability Highlights:

    2012 GOAL   2013 Results
  Receive ENERGY STAR®approval in seven additional xpedx locations.   Receive ENERGY STAR®approval in seven additional xpedx locations. Achieved defined goal to certify seven additional locations.
      Achieved a 58% diversion rate from landfills.

Print 100% of our catalog pages and a minimum of 90 percent of our marketing materials on paper certified to either the Forest Stewardship Council™ or Sustainable Forestry Initiative™ standards.

Procurement policies will be added regarding internal consumables such as plates, cups and other paper products.

  Achieved defined goals as stated.
Supplier Engagement
  xpedx enhanced its Sustainability Survey and Scorecard in 2013 and continued to engage suppliers representing 75% of its purchases.   Achieved defined goal.
  Achieve Green Globes®certification at one additional xpedx location.   Achieved goal to earn the Green Globes™ by earning a rating of two Green Globes at its Fairfield, Ohio, facility.


Products & Distribution

Hammermill® Paper Launches Print App & Invites North America to “Feel Free to Print”!

International Paper is leading the imaging papers industry into the smartphone and tablet space with its innovative, free Print Hammermill Application, now available on iTunes, Google Play® Store and the Amazon® App Store for iPhone® and Android® phones and tablets. The Print HammermillTM app allows users to easily connect to a WiFi printer and print photos, documents and much more with the same simplicity as printing from a laptop or desktop. The app has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating in the app stores, evidence that there is demand for robust printing apps in the rapidly growing mobile market. The app encourages users to “Feel Free to Print” on various paper grades, from premium to recycled.


Products & Distribution

Pro Design: Professional Paper Meets World-Class Sustainability

Our Pro Design® professional color laser printing paper meets the highest product-quality, environmental and safety standards. Made in our Saillat, France, Mill, Pro Design meets ISO 14001, 18001, 9001:2000 and 9706 certifications and is also certified to the EU Ecolabel and FSC standards. In the United Kingdom, the brand is offered as carbon-neutral by our distributors, who have a partnership for carbon credits with the U.K. Woodland Trust.


Products & Distribution

Innovation Makes Jamba Juice Cups Cold and Renewable

International Paper’s Foodservice business is always looking for ways to make our products stand out and to collaborate on customer needs. One customer, Jamba Juice, a leading restaurant retailer with 850 locations globally, had spent years looking for an alternative to expanded polystyrene materials that was sturdy enough to support Jamba’s thick, rich smoothies. Jamba Juice teamed with International Paper’s Foodservice Business and Coated Paperboard team to create an innovative, double-walled cup made of renewable materials, called “Cold&GoTM.” It reduces condensation while keeping beverages cold and resisting sogginess as the frozen smoothies thaw. Until the introduction of Cold&Go to the market, no suitable fiber-based cups with similar properties to expanded polystyrene existed. By the end of 2013, Jamba Juice was able to eliminate the use of expanded polystyrene cups throughout its entire system.


Products & Distribution

Paper, Please!TM Campaign

Last year, International Paper's International Packaging Group launched the Paper, Please!TM, grassroots campaign. It was developed to help educate International Paper employees and consumers about the environmental benefits of paper bags and all paper-based products. With more cities across the United States considering ordinances that ban or charge fees for paper bags, the campaign helps mobilize employees and consumers to advocate against such legislation.

International Paper is one of the leading producers of paper bags for grocery stores. The campaign began by asking International Paper employees to sign a pledge and spread the message about the importance of paper products to the environment, the economy and the company. We invite you to visit the Paper, Please!TM website, and consider joining our pledge.


Products & Distribution

Italian Corrugated Packaging Team Develops New Waterproofing Solution

When a customer inquired about improved waterproof packaging, our team in southern Italy went to the drawing board. The challenge was to develop a new coating machine capable of producing packaging that satisfied regulations for the packaging of humid food products such as salads and cheese. The result was the MB-13 machine, which provides recyclable, individual product branding and waterproof capabilities while maintaining food-contact compliance.