Our Sustainability Story

A strong commitment to a healthy earth.

Leadership and constant improvement go hand-in-hand. At International Paper, we are committed to continuous improvements in water and energy usage and reduction of emissions. We stand behind our commitment to the brown box, green globe equation and to making even greater strides toward a more sustainable world.

Our commitment begins with our policy of using only wood from certified forests. Our chain of custody and wood fiber procurement policies are third-party certified and meet the requirements for both SFI and FSC. In our U.S. mill system, nearly 75% of generated energy is derived from renewable biomass and biofuels. Over the past decade, we have reduced our non-renewable fuel usage in the U.S. by 38% and corresponding greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels by 40%. Each year, we recover six million tons of fiber – about 12% of total U.S. fiber collection, making us the 4th largest U.S. processor and consumer of recovered fiber.