The Little Green Book
Beyond Reasonable Doubt: Our Contribution to Environmental Sustainability in the Paper and Paper-Based Packaging Industry

Ten Facts for Your Next Cocktail Party

1 Paper production is not a major cause of deforestation, but actually saves forests.
2 For every tree logged in managed forests, 3-4 are replanted.
3 Forest certification promotes wood from managed forests.
4 The annual increase of forest cover in Europe is equivalent to more than 1.5 million football pitches.
5 Over 80% of young people cannot live without paper because they think it is useful.
6 Reading a newspaper can consume 20% less carbon than viewing news online.
7 Paper fibres can be recycled up to six times.
8 Paper is truly sustainable, with waste fully recoverable ready for recycling into new paper.
9 Over 80% of corrugated packaging is collected and recycled.
10 Over half of the energy used in Europe paper mills is carbon neutral.