The Little Green Book
Beyond Reasonable Doubt: Our Contribution to Environmental Sustainability in the Paper and Paper-Based Packaging Industry

Let's set the record straight

It’s true that making paper requires energy, but paper making is a very efficient user and producer of energy. If you look more closely at the evidence you’ll discover some surprisingly small statistics about paper and energy...

The forest based sector is the least fossil fuel intensive of any manufacturing sector and the paper industry is the largest single consumer and producer of renewable bio energy in Europe. More than half of the industry’s total primary energy consumption is based on biomass.

As industries go, paper making is a large scale undertaking and you’d expect it to generate some frightening statistics. It doesn’t. On average it takes 500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity to produce 200kg of paper, the average amount of paper that each of us consumes each year.

Does 500 kilowatt-hours sound a lot?


The energy consumed by a typical
household leaving its electronic
equipment on stand-by
for a year

Powering one computer
continuously for
five months

Burning a 60W light
bulb continuously
for one year