The Little Green Book
Beyond Reasonable Doubt: Our Contribution to Environmental Sustainability in the Paper and Paper-Based Packaging Industry

Wait, that’s just not true!

Industries that depend on trees need thriving forests. It’s in their own self interest.

In managed forests, for every tree cut down, three to four are replanted in its place. It’s estimated that there are 25% more trees in the developed world today than there were in 1901, and in Europe alone, forests are increasing annually by an area equivalent to more than 1.5 million football pitches.

It sounds counter intuitive but it’s a fact - paper makes trees. The demand for paper drives growth of the forests. That’s the beauty of a renewable resource.

EU Forest Facts

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source: United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (UNFAO), European Commission, European Environment Agency State and Outlook 2015
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source: Eurostat Forestry Statistics 2015, European Environment Agency