The Little Book Of Commonsense
Paper - The Real Sustainable Choice
1 Paper Forever: Version 1.0 is still going strong
2 Paper for Productivity: Avoid the false economy
3 Paper for Performance: Work smarter, not harder
4 Paper for Creativity: New thinking flows faster on paper
5 Paper for Learning: Paper is still the backbone of education
6 Paper for Sustainability: Use paper, grow forests
7 Paper for Everyone: Fair trade in knowledge

Paper, as Relevant Today as Ever

Paper is the foundation for learning and creativity. Paper is critical to workplace productivity. Paper is the world’s only means of communication that embraces the entire planet, and it’s environmentally sustainable, indeed, an ally in fighting climate change.

You should be raring to write, desperate to doodle and proud to print!

We hope you’ll agree with the following three statements:

The future is plural

Paper and digital both have their place and should continue to co-exist peacefully alongside one another.

Paper is more than sustainable

While it sounds counter-intuitive, the more paper we use, the more trees are grown and the more forest there’ll be.

Paper is worth it

Paper contributes hugely to the productivity and effectiveness of our economy - we’d grind to a halt without it.

Smart use of paper makes commonsense. Feel good about it. Let paper take its rightful place in your life and don’t feel guilty about it. Paper is quite simply as good, as relevant and as right today as ever.