The Little Book Of Commonsense
Paper - The Real Sustainable Choice

Version 1.0 is still going strong

After rocks and cave walls, papyrus and the Egyptians, paper was the original medium for written communication.

Alongside the evolution from feather to pen to printing press to ink-jet printer, paper is still with us. And as we progress through the IT revolution, paper is the one thing that doesn’t require an instruction manual, a battery or an upgrade every six months.

There’s something reassuringly tangible about paper. It remains the most effective way of communicating and assimilating ideas; according to research*, people still find paper books quicker and more comfortable to read than a screen.

Paper was perfected a very, very long time ago. Despite multiple innovations in weights, colours and sizes, Version 1.0 is the original ‘wireless communicator’ and still going strong. In fact, paper is just as relevant today as it was a thousand years ago.

* Nielsen Norman Research Group, July 2010