The Little Book Of Commonsense
Paper - The Real Sustainable Choice

Work Smarter Not Harder

It’s impossible to really focus these days; you turn on your laptop to study a document and before you know it you’ve received 15 emails with five demanding your immediate attention, nine sending you to a link on YouTube and just one that really matters!

Turn away from the screen and consider a printed document and you escape from the temptation and noise of the online world and can concentrate properly on the task in hand.

The average office worker is interrupted every three minutes - and it takes around ten minutes to re-focus on what you were doing in the first place*. It’s a wonder that anything gets done at all.

According to research*, it’s estimated that continuous email interruptions add one or two hours to the average working day, whereas if you deal with them all in a single batch, you’re done in half an hour.

While some may trumpet the virtues of multi-tasking, in reality we end up spending more time doing many things to a mediocre level – and it takes ages to get stuff finished.

Take online searching: it’s a fabulous and accessible resource but, admit it, it’s very easy to get drawn into a never-ending search for the ‘right’ answer or ‘the’ authoritative source, by which time another hour has passed.

Away from the temptation of Facebook and Google you can consider a question at your own pace and with real purpose; that’s performance personified.

* ‘The Art of Concentration’ by Harriet Griffey, 2010

With paper you don’t just do more; you finish more.