The Little Book Of Commonsense
Paper - The Real Sustainable Choice

Fair Trade in Knowledge

It might not feel like it in Western Europe, but the digital divide is alive and well. Internet penetration is nearly 90% in North America, but only around 15% in Africa. And across Africa and Asia, there are still hundreds of millions without access to electricity or regular running water.

So if you’re in business, education or healthcare and you’re looking to share information and ideas with a broad global audience, modern IT will only take you so far.

With newspapers, books and leaflets there aren’t haves and have nots – it is the ultimate ‘fair trade’ system for sharing information and ideas.

It doesn’t depend on local access to electricity, connectivity or software compatibility.

It doesn’t depend on personal skills & capability or access to expensive hardware. It doesn’t matter if you were born in the developed or developing world.

It doesn’t even matter where you are; in the office or in the sunshine or anywhere in-between.

Whether differences between people are driven by location, capability or economic status - paper is the truly inclusive universal standard that doesn’t discriminate.