Reveel™ Laser Imaging Coating

International Paper’s new on-demand “on box” laser imaging technology

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Reveel™, International Paper’s new on demand “on box” laser imaging technology, offers a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to traditional adhesive-based labels and variable data printing techniques. 

What makes this technology unique?

The Reveel™ patch is pre-applied to your corrugated packaging during manufacturing and ships to you ready for imaging by a high-speed laser installed on your packaging line.The pre-applied Reveel™ patch made from a specially formulated water-based coating permanently changes color when exposed to laser focused heat.

Unlike inkjet and thermal printing that burden you with expensive consumables such as labels, inks and ribbons, there are no consumables to replenish with Reveel™, saving you time and money.

Reveel™ executes in two simple steps:

  • International Paper delivers packaging with a white or translucent, water-based Reveel™ coating
  • A laser installed on your packaging line images your customized message onto the coating

Reveel Image1 135
Box with water-based Reveel coating approaches laser for imaging.

Reveel-Image2 135
High-speed laser imaging onto water-based Reveel coating.

Reveel Image3 135
Finished case with high-quality message imaged as an integral part of the packaging.


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