Consumer Packaging Board

As the leading supplier of consumer packaging board, we will provide packaging solutions to help your business succeed by providing products and services that consistently exceed your expectations.

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    Everest Folding Carton Board for Consumer Packaging

    Everest® Folding Carton Board brings together versatility and high level performance, bringing you a better product that yields better results.

  • Coated Liner
    Everest Coated Liner

    Everest® Coated Liner is just that. The culmination of two worlds. Everest® Coated Liner offers the exceptional printability of folding carton board with the strength of corrugated packaging.

  • New Cigarette
    Starcote Tobacco Board

    Starcote® Tobacco Board consistently delivers great visual impact on the shelf. Starcote® is designed for smooth runnability and great print quality to remind your customers of the smoothness your brand offers.

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    Fortress PE One Sided Folding Carton Board

    Fortress® PE One Sided Folding Carton Board provides excellent water barrier, allowing food to stay fresh while maintaining the right moisture levels.

  • Ice cream freezer
    Fortress PE Two Sided Folding Carton Board

    Fortress® PE Two Sided Folding Carton Board provides excellent water barrier, allowing package to maintain its integrity on the retail shelf despite fluctuations in freezer temperature and moisture levels.

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    Fortress PET Ovenable Board

    Fortress® PET Ovenable Board is specifically designed for frozen food that will be reheated in a microwave or conventional oven. Our ovenable board's smooth surface means great printability for you, and great shelf appeal for consumers.

  • Fortress PET Black
    Fortress Black PET Ovenable Board

    Fortress® Black PET Ovenable Board is perfect for food service applications like ovenable trays.