Cellulose Fiber Composites

THRIVE cellulose fiber composites bring the strength and reinforcement found in trees to molded products people use every day around the globe.

  • Made from one of the most common organic compounds on the planet
  • Blends natural and renewable cellulose fibers into thermoplastic composites as a reinforcement additive
  • Sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • Consistent fiber and source of supply around the globe
  • Ideal fit for injection molding applications
  • Available compounds with virgin and recycled polypropylene (PP)

    tree + pp thrive

TRHIVE renewable sustainable v2


Watch to learn more about the journey from TREES TO THRIVE.

Cellulose fiber used to make THRIVE injection mold pellets containing renewable cellulose fiber and polypropylene PP

Benefits of THRIVE

THRIVE circle part mass reduction

Low Odor
Warm to Touch
Highly Colorable
Improved Acoustics
Few Surface Sinks & Voids

Bonds Easily
Lower Part Mass 
Global Availability
Cycle Time Reduction
​Reduced Energy Requirements

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Possibilities for THRIVE—Diverse as Your Imagination

Automotive/ RV parts Sports & recreation products  Furniture   Building & construction
 Small & large appliances  Household goods  Consumer personal goods  Industrial goods

 THRIVE 5 product examples

Blendable and Tunable - Customize the right blend for your application

Blending THRIVE with other reinforcement additives gives you the flexibility to fine tune the appearance, properties and processing requirements of your parts.

  • Tune mechanical properties: tensile, stiffness, impact, surface finish, shrinkage
  • Manage cost per pound by blending with lower cost PP materials
  • Flexibility to blend with many PP composites: neat, short/long glass, homo and co-polymer, talc filled

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THRIVE pellets

THRIVE tree More about THRIVE

  • THRIVE in the news:  read more about International Paper's collaboration with Celanese and Ford to win the Environmental Award for Sustainable Materials in Automotive.
  • Cellulose in a Guitar? To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its revolutionary RKS guitar, RKS Design utilized International Paper's THRIVE® composite – an industry first – to break all the rules with 12 advanced, one-of-a-kind guitars. These guitars feature body shells and pick guard that deliver beautiful aesthetics and sweeter acoustics while showcasing the attributes that THRIVE® brings to all products – warm to the touch and engaging to the senses; lightweight yet stronger; and a sustainable solution that gives designers the flexibility needed from a material.


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