Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Packaging

We provide a total packaging solution for our customers in this growing market.


The demand for pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging is growing steadily and is mainly driven by ageing population, globalization of pharmaceutical products and ever smaller packaging sizes. The most important criteria of pharmaceutical & healthcare packaging are:

  • Product safety
  • Material cleanliness
  • High and reliable quality
  • Easiness of use by patients
  • Visibility of product information
  • Visual appeal, foremost for over-the-counter products

Product Safety

Product safety and anti-counterfeiting measures are increasingly critical for pharmaceutical packaging, and solutions for traceability, such as two-dimensional Datamatrix codes, are becoming mandatory.

International Paper’s Alaska® Plus is a leading paperboard used in pharmaceutical packaging, with optimized benefits for the sector:

  • Industry-leading quality consistency  
  • Reliability in packaging operations
  • Top performance in codeability, allowing 2D Datamatrix codes to be easily read
  • High stiffness and durability for increased product protection
  • Produced 100% from virgin fibres  
  • Kwidzyn X-Press Service for small and quick orders

Recommended Products

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    Alaska® Plus is our new lightweight GC2 board, combining the benefits of the renowned Alaska® product with a notably lower weight.


    Arktika® GC1 board is the perfect partner for your creative packaging design.