Chocolate & Confectionery Packaging

Our Paperboards support the attractive visuals and demanding shapes of chocolate packaging.


The demand for packaging in the chocolate segment is growing driven by the rising chocolate consumption across the globe. Packaging for chocolate and confectionery products has a multitude of roles to fill:

  • Catch consumer's attention at point-of-sale
  • Support the overall brand image
  • Delivering product information to the user
  • Cleanliness, no transmission of taste nor odour to the chocolate product 
  • Protecting the product throughout the whole chain of supply and during usage
  • Easiness of use

Dynamic Market

Seasonal and promotional products place additional demands along the whole supply chain of the packaging, as do the frequent introductions of new products.

International Paper’s Arktika® and Alaska® Plus are designed to meet the demanding needs of the chocolate packaging segment:

  • Excellent surface characteristics for stand-out print results and finishing techniques
  • Produced 100% from virgin fibres
  • ISEGA certified, Robinson test certified
  • High stiffness brings strength and durability to the packaging
  • Die-cutting, creasing and folding characteristics support versatile packaging shapes and designs
  • Kwidzyn X-Press service for small orders with a short lead time

Recommended products:

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    Alaska Plus

    Alaska® Plus is our new lightweight GC2 board, combining the benefits of the renowned Alaska® product with a notably lower weight.


    Arktika® GC1 board is the perfect partner for your creative packaging design.