Chilled & Frozen Food Packaging

Our food specialty boards are optimized for the demanding needs of the food packaging segment.


Packaging in chilled and frozen food applications needs to protect the food product from outside factors such as temperature changes, moisture and vapour, sometimes in very extreme conditions whilst keeping the food product fresh. Other requirements for the packaging include:

  • High level of cleanliness and hygiene 
  • Providing clear product information to the consumer
  • Visual appeal in order to drive buying decision

International Paper have designed our food packaging boards to be the perfect fit for a large range of food packaging applications, whether for ready meals, frozen food or ice cream packaging just to name a few.

  • The Fortress® PE coated products have an increased barrier against moisture and temperature fluctuations.
  • Fortress® PET grades are suited for food products that will be re-heated in either microwave or oven.

Recommended products


The Fortress product range offers specialty boards for many types of food packaging as well as cupstock grades for beverage cups.