End Use Segments

Thanks to our wide range of consumer packaging boards we meet the individual needs of a multitude of packaging applications on the market.

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Packaging

High packaging quality and stability as well as product safety and traceability are key characteristics in pharmaceutical packaging. Our GC2 board Alaska® Plus is a leading brand used in the pharmaceutical segment.


Cosmetics & Beautycare Packaging

For cosmetics packaging the visual aspects are essential, with high brightness, contrast and strong colors as well as sophisticated finishing elements being used to catch attention. Our GC1 product Arktika® is the ideal backdrop for a stand-out printing and finishing result.


Chocolate & Confectionery Packaging

Packaging in the chocolate sector needs to protect the product from external influences and look good to stand out on the shelf. Our Folding Boxboards offer great printability and finishing results even in demanding packaging designs and shapes.

Dry & Fast Food Packaging

Our Folding Boxboards are ideal for standard dry food packaging offering strength and durability in transport, on the shelf and during usage.


Beverage Packaging

Svetocoat® brings outstanding strength and durability to multipack packaging and carrier applications.


Graphical Printing

Great printability, high brightness and gloss make our paperboards an excellent choice for graphical printing, greeting cards and book covers.