Development Programs

We help our employees grow in a number of ways, depending on each employee's capabilities and interests, and the needs of our company.

International Paper provides a number of different leadership development programs and processes across the enterprise. Many are developed and delivered within individual business units; others cut across businesses and geographies to address development needs of certain types of leaders, positions, or functional expertise requirements. Some are developed and delivered across the entire company for messaging and content that has company wide application.  

One specific set of leadership development programs is developed and delivered through the IP Leadership Institute.
IP Leadership Institute
Effective leadership is key to International Paper’s success and will be even more important as International Paper continues to adapt our business to achieve success in an ever changing world on a global scale. Our Leadership Institute offers a variety of leadership development programs for selected employees at various stages of their professional career and position in the company. Strong leadership is absolutely essential to achieving business success and these programs focus on strengthening and broadening the leadership capability of our attendees. The Institute also works directly with business groups on targeted leadership development needs as necessary.